International Fuel Prices

GIZ International Fuel Prices – provides decision-makers with data on fuel prices on a global scale. GIZ, with its global network of projects in 135 countries, regional offices and representations in 64 developing countries, publishes a biennial study “International Fuel Prices” on the global fuel sector since 1999.

Feel the power of the community – International Fuel Prices 2020

#fuelpriceweek 2020 is from 16th through 20th of November.

In the context of the COVID19 crisis, we would like to experiment with a very  collaborative, horizontal approach and address you directly. So please don’t hesitate to support us by:

Available in:

English: Fuel Price Survey 2020

Français: Enquête sur le prix des carburants

Português: Levantamento dos preços dos combustíveis

русский: обзор цен на топливо

Español: Estudio del precio del combustible

Edition 2018/19:

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