Sobornyi PARKing day

From 21 to 22 September, Zhytomyr's  the main square became an active public space. Sobornyi square is the main square of the city located in the city center. The area of the square is 9 768 sq.m (almost 1 ha) covered by asphalt. About 3 to 5 times a year the square is used for public events when it is closed for traffic, otherwise it serves as a roadway.

The idea of ​​Sobornyi PARKing Day is to invite the residents of Zhytomyr to talk about what the central square should look like. As part of the event, residents of Zhytomyr learned about the proposals to reorganise public space and enlarge pedestrian zone in the city center. The residents participated in the discussions of the square reorganisation, could sign petition supporting reorganisation and took part in a photo flash mob “I am for/against Sobornyi PARKing”.  The focal event was a public discussion “Is Sobornyi – a Square or a Road?” involving deputy-mayor for transport and infrastructure.

According to the concept  three zones were organized, each corresponding to specific urban activities present on the typical street of a progressive, people-oriented city.

Zone 1 – info point and educational site

This is an area where residents can learn about sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, economic and spatial development, get acquainted with plans and concepts, vote on future projects and listen to speeches by experts on the topic. Lectures and exhibitions were organized at the site by the departments of city council, non-governmental organizations, project “Integrated Urban Development in Ukraine”  and the key partner of the event –  Project U-LEAD with Europe.

Zone 2 – active recreation area

An active area for everyone from adults to the smallest users, from active to relaxed sports, from skate parks to chess. In this area the skatepark was organised where local youth self-organised competition for extreme sports (72 people participated). The area was active from 8 am till 10 pm each day.

Zone 3 – Food, drinks, rest

Territory of free stay, food and expression of one’s personality. Location guests could enjoy coffee, ice cream, pizza and watch what is happening at the locations. Cozy area where everyone could get away from the city noise. The area was equipped with temporary green spaces, trees, shrubs and other forms of urban greenery.

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