Lviv/Ukraine has a new landmark for sustainable mobility: The new station forecourt

As in all cities, the station forecourt is a central square - the task for the planner in this context is to make the change between sustainable means of transport as attractive as possible, to maximise the quality of stay for guests and to handle the remaining car traffic (e.g. taxi) as smoothly as possible.

So far, the site could not meet these goals – the facilities were worn out, the situation was often chaotic; the needs for people with disabilities were not considered.

The new square addresses the tasks perfectly: Bus and tram stops are close to the entrance to the station, a separate bus lane provides reliable access and cycle paths have not been forgotten:

Special attention has also been paid to accessibility, i.e. how can wheelchair users and those with heavy luggage change easily and safely? Wheelchair user Irina Zaruk explains her impressions in this video.

“For two years, I saw the future of Dvirtsev Square in computer or on paper. It is difficult to convey these strange and sublime feelings when I now see how all these lines, dots and hatching have turned into real space ” says Oleh Shmid, CEO of Lviv Municipal Company “Institute for Spatial Development” proudly.

Discover the place in this video by day and night.

And get a glimpse of Lviv’s New Square from the air.

Find further videos and material here.

Andriy Bilyy, Advisor to the Mayor of Lviv explains: “That’s ab absolutely new space which is suitable for passengers, there’s a clear priority for trams and city buses, there’s a separate space for cars. And whole square has no barriers”

With the reconstruction of the station forecourt, Lviv again has made a major step towards truly European mobility solutions. Lviv has been pursuing an ambitious policy for sustainable mobility for almost 10 years, including cycling, parking management, traffic calming and public transport. Learn more about it in this publication.


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