The SUTP Module on Transit Alliances now available in Ukrainian!

The SUTP Module on Transit Alliances now available in Ukrainian!

Transit alliances are a solution to make public mobility attractive for all - by incorporating multiple operators into one system! In many cities, both quantity and quality of public transport services are not keeping pace with population growth and social expectations.

Learn more how to tackle these challenges with our new Ukrainian version of SUTP Sourcebook Module 3f: "Public Transport Integration and Transit Alliances". The module allows to deep-dive into the multiple benefits of integrating all public transport services and modes in a city, metropolitan area or wider region into one system. The module gives answers on the why and how to implement successful Transit Alliances and provide guidance for policy-makers and administrations.

The shortage of reliable and affordable public mobility options is an obstacle to the sound economic development of cities and regions, as new jobs are often created far away from residential areas. This leaves many inhabitants without sufficient access to income opportunities, markets, education. They are thus excluded from appropriate participation in the society. Where there is a lack of appropriate public transport services, mobility is largely provided by motorised two-wheelers, private cars and minibuses – or people have to walk inappropriate distances. An increasingly motorised population leads to heavily congested roads when no stringent countermeasures are taken. Further, motorised individual transport comes with high direct and indirect (or external) costs, as high traffic volumes impact air quality, accident rates and noise levels, and lead to considerable time losses.

To change this trend, the service quality and the integration of all modes of public transport must be improved. A key towards creating attractive quality public transport system is striving for a much better integration of public transport means itself (with the dimensions physical infrastructure, fares and timetables) as well as its integration with active transport (walking and cycling). Transit Alliances are a powerful tool to reach these goals, establishing Transit Alliances in many cities and regions worldwide has proven that they are able to realise these objectives.

This document has been developed by various authors in close cooperation with traffiQ – Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH.

Click here to download the new Ukrainian version of the Sourcebook module 3f aiming towards increasing attractiveness of Public Transport: “Public Transport Integration and Transit Alliances”.

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What is the Sourcebook?
The SUTP Sourcebook modules investigate the key areas important for a sustainable transport policy framework in developing cities. The Sourcebook consists of 32 modules, which you find for download here. It is also complemented by a series of training documents and other material available from

Who is it for?
The Sourcebook is intended for policy-makers in developing cities and their advisors. This target audience is reflected in the content, which provides policy tools appropriate for application in a range of developing cities. The academic sector (e.g. universities) has also benefited from this material.

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