The new Fuel Price Report 2018/19 has been published!

The new Fuel Price Report 2018/19 has been published!

The GIZ Fuel Price Report 2018/19 presents fuel prices for 179 countries. This biennial study is conducted by GIZ on behalf of the Federal Minstry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and represents the most comprehensive dataset on fuel prices worldwide. This year's report marks the 20th year jubilee of the study.

Fuel prices, especially the prices of gasoline and diesel, shape our mobility patterns. Low fuel prices benefit motorized transport and encourage low energy efficiency technologies and wasteful behaviour. On the other hand, countries which price fuels at their real costs of production and furthermore apply fuel taxes can foster the transition towards more sustainable transport modes: they discourage the use of inefficient vehicles and contribute to preventing urban sprawl. Furthermore, if the additional tax revenues are shifted to alternative modes of transport such as NMT and public transport, those can also be made more attractive, resulting in reduced congestion and improved air quality in cities.

You can download the report here.

More information on fuel prices and the previous reports are available here.

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