Urban Road Safety materials now in Spanish!

Urban Road Safety materials now in Spanish!

Expanding our partnerships means expanding our resources. Providing relevant and accurate resources is important to us. It is also important to us to make these available in languages that help us keep high quality in the support we can offer our partners.

Therefore, we are glad to announce the publication of the newest edition of SUTP Module 5b – Urban Road Safety in Spanish!

 Road traffic crashes result in around 1.3 million deaths annually. A disproportionate amount is in developing countries, with the victims often being pedestrians and cyclists. This module describes how road safety is organised at a city government level, how it is assessed (including the use of tools such as road crash diagrams), how safer road environments can be created, and the importance of public awareness, enforcement, safer vehicles, and sound financing.

Click here to our sourcebooks or download the Module 5b:

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