The Future of Shared Mobility

The Future of Shared Mobility

The European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM) have dedicated their September e-update to the future of shared mobility. As new solutions emerge involving new technologies and innovations, potential for new markets and life styles emerge.

Studies mentioned in this update further illustrate the benefits of sharing mobility: global revenue of 30€ million could be generated by 2025, 10% of public passengers fall into shared mobility and 8% of U.S. adults in 2015 have participated in some form of mobility sharing.

Bike Share Bike Rack, Flickr: Lisa

The rise of shared mobility is driven by rising megatrends. As the use of cars is increasingly seen as inefficient and an underused asset, a new consumer culture is emerging. The new generation of consumers are content with using a product rather than having to own it. Combined with the accelerating size of cities around the world and changing demographics, congestion and pollution issues can be addressed through intelligent and low-carbon solutions. These desires are being furthered through innovations in the ICT sector rapidly connecting people and processes via the internet. Car, ride and bike sharing currently offer enormous potential for growth. Where high density can offer easy access to mobility, cars and bikes will be used more and reduce not only congestion but also space needed for parking. Sharing mobility is also an opportunity to integrate electro mobility into our cities.


Car2Go Electric Car Sharing, Flickr: Paul Krueger

It is a mistake to think that shared mobility aims at non-profit community market alone. There is and will continue to be great opportunity to establish business models that work for companies. However, cooperation is necessary in and with cities to encourage the development of business models that can meet supply and demand.

While predicting the future has always proven difficult, shared mobility is a force to reckon with. Although many may not be fully aware of its growth

The full EPOMM September 2017 e-update which leads to studies, publications and future events can be found here.

Photo sources: Flickr: Lisa, Flickr: Paul Krueger

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