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Even in Germany still a lot to do

Even in Germany still a lot to do

A nationwide Report about the satisfaction of cyclers gives an insight how German cities are still not the best place to swing on the wheel. Target-oriented and systematic...
UNITAR and GIZ SUTP launch an e-learning course: “Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries”

UNITAR and GIZ SUTP launch an e-learning course: “Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries”

Over the course of 12 weeks, beginnging with September 18th and running until December 8th, join the problem solvers and solution finders in addressing mobility issues arising in...
Clean Mobility for everyone

Nicolas Hulot, French secretary of environment introduces 5 year climate Plan

The new French Government bold steps in climate change policy. On July 6th, the French secretary of environment, Nicolas Hulot, has submitted a climate plan which paves the way to...

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ASUTP-Webinar – How to bring quality public transport projects from idea to operation? Insights from Transit Planners in Calgary, Canada. (Wednesday, July 5)

We cordially invite you to join the third webinar in 2017 on Wednesday, July 5. Please feel free to share this information with interested contacts.

Asif Kurji and Chris Jordan are part of the Transit Planning team in the City of Calgary, Canada. In this webinar, we will jointly explore how Calgary pursues sustainable urban mobility in very practical terms - by excellent strategic planning and project development. To make this as tangible as possible, we will use recent public transport projects as reference. In a dynamic session, participants will have the possibility for immediate questions after each of the three key topics: strategy development, stakeholder engagement & project development.


“Transport as usual is not an option”

More than 80 Transport Practitioners engaged in TUMI-Conference on Urban Mobility Governance at the side of the International Transport Summit 2017

Whether in Addis Ababa, Leipzig or in Kaohsiung - sound transport governance plays a key role in improving the liveability of cities and mitigating climate change. More than 80 transport officials engaged in a conference run by the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) along the International Transport Summit 2017 in Leipzig, Germany for 2 days, highlighting the relevance and the potential of stronger collaboration on urban mobility governance in African Cities.